Welcome to Cani-Sports Edinburgh

Cani-Sports Edinburgh are a group of like minded friendly folk who like to get out and about with our dogs in and around Edinburgh and the Lothians. We have a variety of members who enjoy undertaking sports with our dogs from canicross, to bikejoring, to scootering to walking and hiking. (NB bikejoring and scootering are currently not permitted at official runs for insurance reasons.)  We welcome people of all capabilities and any breed of dog (provided they are fit and healthy).

Happy Cani-Sports!

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Ruff Dugger & The Cani-Fit Experience

The weekends adventures were brought to you by Cani-Fit with the assistance of a whole load of mud, lots of giggles, smiley friendly people and happy and healthy dogs!

Day 1 – Ruff Dugger

By Sue Weeks and Rickyjim


Some of the Photos were kindly provided by Kenny Girvan  www.kennygirvanphotography.co.ukinfo@kennygirvanphotography.co.uk

Some of the photos have been borrowed from CSE’s very own Liz Taylor; a key support crew member at all canicross races and one of our unsung heros!! (sorry Liz, I didn’t ask, please forgive me –  Ali)


Mud mud glorious mud nothing quite like it for cooling the blood ???   Well kinda sums up the first part of the course on Saturday @Boswells Coach House Auchinleck !!! 

I arrived @ the venue in Benny Bongo with my pack of 6 dogs and anxiously waited for the fun to unfold over the weekend !!! Being a Campervan virgin !!!!!! I knew it could only be fun and even more fun ??  It was!!!

IMG_4645-27 s

I went out looking for any of our group and managed to find Tina and Sergio and hairy dog !! I feel so bad cant remember your name …owner of the lovely hairy dog !!!!! Ruby GSD also arrived with Allison and Robin.There was still no sign of the Beagle brigade ..Wendy and Heather !!!!

I’d been told to bring Duck Tape and scissors with me to hold my trainers on !!!! Is it duck or duct tape I ask myself ???!!!!!   Never used it though !!!!! Maybe should’ve because the mud was up to your thighs !!! Honestly would I lie to you???

So all systems go and wee Rickyjim in his go fast orange harness and shoes tied on extra tight, we went to the start !!! RickyJim as usual hyper and barking frantically !!!!Off we shot across a field and then disaster happened ! My belt slipped down to my thighs and somebody shouted ………..You cant have lost so much weight ….youve only just started !!!!! Well pulled it up and ran on red faced but laughing !!!

Once into the wood , we hit the Mega Mud bath bit !!!! Oh boy was it deep ! People were floundering all around me ! Me too!!!! Rickyjim just tootled on top !!!! The more I laughed .the deeper i went in ! Heather and Wendy were ahead with their beagles and totally were in the thick of it !!Lots of super kind folk helped them I think!!

 Got through this Mud Bath only to be confronted with a muddy trench with steep sides ! No escape ! I ran through and wee Rickyjim ran on the side ! Smart dog ???

IMG_4975-288 s


I remember a gorge we ran through and lots of tree trunks to negotiate ! The little legs of wee Rickyjim struggled @ times but he kept going !!!  

Lots of water to cross or carried across if you’re small like Ricky and rocky bits and the odd hill or 2 !!!!

 When we got to the finish we were awarded a prize for being a super Muddy pair !!!! I absolutely loved it and it was better than I expected it to be !!!! Not sure about wee Rickyjim !!!!!! Chips and cheesy chips and burgers went down really well afterwards !!!!! 

I’m certain I’ll be back for the next one with my wee friend Rickyjim ??


P.S  Forgot to say it’s a cold water hose pipe by the cow sheds for you to clean off the mud !!!! Rickyjim didn’t approve !!!! Baby wipes did come in very useful !!!!

Day 2 – Cani-Fit Experience

Ok, Sunday was the end of the first Scottish Canicross Championship Races !!!!! A big day for many as this was the last race in the championship series!! No pressure then ??!!!!

My lovely black greyhound Amelie and I had entered in the wee 3k race !!! It was Amelies first race and so we were both feeling scared !! I wondered if she would run or like @ Vogrie tootle along as if she had her high heels on !!!!


Before we ran, it was the turn of the bikes and scooters to go and the 5k race folk !!! I’m soooo impressed with the bikers and scooter folk !!! Crazy to attach yourself to these and then go through rivers ?? Many had fun coming off and getting wet but got up laughing ! One lady had designer mud spattered all over her face like freckles !!!

Serious running in the 5k………Michelle Littlejohn was excited to be running both her beagles !!! John had slept in his newly acquired van with Junior and appeared to be refreshed and raring to go ? All in all, all were up for it!!!!!! 

When our turn came Amelie set off with her high heels on and tootled !!!! She drank from every puddle and was generally very relaxed and calm !!! She loves water so crossing a wide river meant PLAYTIME !!! She goofed around in it and generally had a ball !!!! She did have a final sprint at the end cheered on by the people at the finish line ! Its all about fun they say and Amelie proved this to all !!!  

It was a treat to have burgers and chips and salad rolls again !!! Coffee went down well to!  Always a time to chat and see how everyone found their race and the course !The cold hose pipe was still by the cow shed if you needed a clean up !!!! I did the trainers only on this day having learnt from yesterday how cold the water was !!!! 

The prize giving was well worth the wait !! Wee silver cups were given out to the Champions and the Podium was well used ! Well done Team Red for collecting so many prizes ! I’m glad I stayed to see you all collect your cups and trophy pictures !!!! Brilliant !!! 

Surprise of the day was Amelie and me got a 3rd for Newcomers class !!! Bless her !!!! even if she did insist on tootling along with her heels on!!! What a Diva !!!


Journey home was the scenic route and rolling hills ! Exhausted all of us …….6 dogs and me slept oh so soundly after a good scrub in the shower !!!! Must do it all again soon ??? 

P.S  A big shout out to John who saved me when my Benny Bongos battery was flat !!! Luckily he had jump leads and got me up and running again !! Eternally grateful thanks !

Note from CSE committee, Sue Weeks joined us in September 2015 and since then she has added a ray of sunshine to the clubJ




Nervous Maggie conquers her fear and loves Canicross!!

My name is Maggie and I’m a one year old Border Terrier…..and I get really nervous about everything!!! I can’t control my anxiety and show it by barking a lot!!! Woof Woof

canicross Maggie 1

I live with my humans and two big brothers Moss and Inness who have been doing Canicross for a while. It was my 1st Birthday in August so my human took me to Canicross at Dalkeith so I could have a go and I loved it…..so after a few practices we entered a race!

On the day of the race my human’s friend picked us up and I got to ride in a van with Meeko the Husky!! I didn’t know what to make of him so I barked at him a few times…Woof Woof!! We went to a place called Coalsnaughton where there were loads of other dogs and people….the most I have ever seen! Woof Woof

My human got me ready and put my special purple harness on.  Once Inness was ready my human took us to the start line. This was hard for me as there were so many other dogs and people and I made a lot of noise!

Then it was our turn to run and I was ready. Inness knows how to do Canicross so I followed him…..up to the start line…..3…2…1….GO! Woof Woof Woof! We were off running as fast as our paws could take us….we could go faster but we have to pull our human who only has two paws and is a bit slow!

Up the hill….down the hill….past the photographer….Woof Woof. I loved it!!! I just concentrated on running. Then another dog stopped for a drink in front of us, but it was ok cause my human told me to keep running so I did and it was easy! Before I knew it we were sprinting for the finish line…..hike hike hike!!

My human gave me a drink and told us we were amazing puppies and I felt really good, I managed the whole race without getting nervous and barking at other dogs and people.

After the race I got to meet some other dogs and even got a bit of bacon….Yum Yum. I did so well that my human brought me back the next day and I got to do it all again!! This time we went even faster!!!  We even won a rosette and a bag of treats as part of the winning female team for Cani-Sports Edinburgh!!

At the end of the weekend once a lot of people had gone home I went for a wee walk with my new Collie friends Jura, Tiree, Finn, Buddy and Bex!! I was so brave and by the end was running around playing chase with them all. Buddy kept me in line and brought me back to my human when I got too far away! Woof Woof! I can’t wait for the next race and I’ve told my human that she needs to keep practicing so we can go even faster!!

Canicross Maggie 2Serious Bit….

Maggie was rehomed after the family she was with could no longer look after her. She has developed an anxiety problem and is wary of all other dogs and a lot of people. She often hides behind her two older brothers and vocalises her fear by barking. She is relatively new to Canicross but it has helped her immensely over the last couple of weeks and hopefully this will continue.

The world of Canicross is full of tolerant understanding people who accommodate other dogs even with issues and offer assistance and advice so if you were thinking of coming along to a run or race and have a dog that has any problems please do come….it can make a world of difference!


Important Dates

Saturday 5th March

Vogrie Country Park Café after the club run
This EGM is simply to accept a few changes to the constitution as per the newsletter distributed to members.

Some of the CSE crew, photo courtesy of Hilary Little
Some of the CSE crew, photo courtesy of Hilary Little

NEW CSE MEMBERSHIP YEAR 2016/2017 – 1st May 2016 – 31st April 2017

From ABOUT 15th April 2016 Membership will open
Club membership for Cani-Sports Edinburgh 2016-2017 season will open on Entry Central. The prices will remain the same as previous membership years. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help the committee out by renewing your membership or signing up for the first time during these 2 weeks and BEFORE the 1st May 2016, this helps with administration enormously!

1st May 2016 marks the start of the new Membership year
This is the start of the new club season 2016 – 2017, anyone attending club runs who has not renewed their membership will be required to pay the £1 per run. But I’m sure you will all be extremely organised and have signed up already during the 2 week period in April as kindly requested.


some of the CSE crew, photo courtesy of Hilary Little
some of the CSE crew, photo courtesy of Hilary Little

More information to follow
Between 23rd May 2016 and 7th June 2016, all those wishing to put themselves forward for the committee for the 2016/2017 period are requested to e-mail the secretary Jane Irvine at Info@canisportsedinburgh.co.uk and simply state that you intend to volunteer for the committee 2016/2017. Following on from the amendments made to the constitution there is no limit on committee member numbers, we ask that you check out the information on the website here (please scroll down to the bottom) and consider volunteering for this very rewarding role.

You may be new to CSE – you can still join the committee! You may be new to running – that is irrelevant. You just need to have an abundance of enthusiasm, love CSE and be passionate about canicross and dogs, it is also quite important that you like cake! 


Sunday 12th June 2016
More information to follow
All club members are invited to attend the AGM, which will be followed by a wee social, so stay for a beverage or 2. Unfortunately , this is just for hoomans and not dogs 

Venue: TBC
Time: TBC (approximately 4pm)

During the AGM the 2015-2016 membership year will be reviewed and the new committee will be agreed and welcomed, if you plan to volunteer to be on the committee but cannot make the AGM, do not worry, you can be voted in in your absence. Following on from the amendments made to the constitution there is no limit on committee member numbers, we ask that you read the information and consider volunteering for this very rewarding role.

At this point some members will stand down from the committee 🙁


Cani-Fit Races are now open!

 Quick!  Enter here.

Cani-Fit currently have an early bird discount  for their races in March.   Just enter RDCF into the promo code section, this code expires at the end next week (mid December 2015).  

March 12th – Ruff Dugger

March 13th – Cani Fit Experience VI (Final Scottish Canicross Champion Series race).

Enter here.

The races are at the fabulous Bothwell Coach House, Auchinleck Estate, Ayrshire.

For more information see Cani-Fit

If you are a race organiser and would like your event to feature on our website, please e-mail us  info@canisportsedinburgh.co.uk.  Please also feel free to post any events to our facebook group or to our facebook page.  Thanks 🙂


Enter here.

CSE Race Review – Take 1

CSE Foxlake Race Report, inspired by Junior and written by John McCausland

John and Junior, photo courtesy  of Yellow Dog Photography
John and Junior, photo courtesy of Yellow Dog Photography

After a week of storms, wind and heavy rain, I checked the weather forecast for Foxlake, East  Lothian one last time on Saturday evening. Heavy rain again from 9am! My overnight bag just tripled in size with the addition of spare socks, a change of clothes, waterproofs and a few towels for race day. Off we went to Dunbar for an overnight to get a good rest before an early start (for us!).

Sunday morning we arrived at John Muir Country Park greeted by three majestic Deer crossing the single track road towards part of the race course. That was Junior alert and ready to run! Arriving in good time, we got a warm welcome from Lan and Lisa and picked up our race number, followed by a slice of fantastic millionaires shortbread, which I got a few comments about! It’s a millionaire’s energy bar, right?! We said hello to all out CSE friends as well as other Beagle buddies and familiar faces including the ever mischievous Rogue Dog and Rogue Pup. But something was missing. No Rain! Somehow we had found virtually the only break in the weather for the whole

Then off to get kitted up and to the start line! I have to say that I was a little worried looking at the standard of four and two-legged athletes we were flanked by while lining up for the off. But when we approached the orange line and were given the count down, it was all about us: Junior and I running as a team, racing against ourselves… And the course!

The Course! What a joy! Starting with a boggy dip to a short incline, another quagmire of a field
before a sharp right through the woods and on to farm tracks for the next kilometre or so. Already covered in mud I knew this was going to be a fun race. And we were guided all the way impeccably by enthusiastic and encouraging marshals and some tactically placed hazard tape.

We managed to slowly overtake two (four) competitors before negotiating the sprout pickers and hitting what can only be described as perfect Canicross territory. Stunning pine woodland with its associated firm sandy grass trails, led us over ridges and bridges, a quick jog across a field, over another ridge with a tactically marked trip hazard and to the beach. The sight of the beach spurred Junior on – albeit in the wrong direction… although that might also been the site of Jane Jones from Just Dogs Shop (who were kind sponsors of the event) marshalling in the same direction. Junior always knows who to mooch from.

I was really feeling it at this point only the sight of Junior loving his run keeping me going. In the next few yards though we managed to catch up with another team from Fourth Valley and eventually overtake. What I heard at that point really embodied what Canicross is all about. As we passed our competitor from another club said to us “Well done! Good running.” Well that really spurred us on! What an incredible supportive gesture (although I’m probably 10 years his junior and had worked my socks off just to catch up, never mind overtake!) It spurred us on to our favourite part of the course. A twisty, turn-y woodland stretch where we could hear our Beagle teammate Naboo up ahead, but not see him. That gave us extra motivation to press on. But then the sound of the cheering crowd gave us another boost before we finally turned back into the field where it all started and back into the glorious mud and puddles, Junior pulling at a perfect pace.

The reception from the crowd was amazing as we crossed the line and were bombarded with medals, water, delicious fishy food for Junior and even human treats.

Junior running towards the finish, photo courtesy of Yellow Dog Photography
Junior running towards the finish, photo courtesy of Yellow Dog Photography

What really struck me about the whole day was not only the obvious extensive hard work and

preparation that had gone into making the races a success, but the friendly reception from all

involved in what was essentially a competitive meet. Junior and I are both quite introvert and can struggle with meeting others of our own kind. Being socially awkward is of little disadvantage on a day like this. Everyone was keen to talk to each other no matter what club, ability, breed, or any other factor was involved. What an incredible day at a superb facility with an awesome course. All shared with our favourite Canine buddies. This being our second race went so well that Junior and I have signed up for the long and short course and Muiravonside.   And we can’t wait!

Thank you to Yellow Dog Photography for letting me use her photos, please like her facebook page and check out her pics.

See you there!

John & Junior


Cani-Sports Edinburgh’s Fun and Friendly Canicross Races at Foxlake

You should all have received your briefing e-mail now, if not please see below:

“Hello Intrepid Foxlake Canicrossers, sponsors and photographers

Thank you for entering Cani-Sports Edinburgh’s fun and friendly canicross races and fun day.

WE ARE FULLER THAN A FULL THING! We jiggled and juggled and squeezed and pushed and we have managed to fit in as many people as we can, but we are full to bursting, this means your race day is going to be huge, with lots of fun and giggles! Race places are not transferable, there is no waiting list. Please be patient with us.

Please find your briefing document attached, there is both a word and a PDF version in case the links don’t work in the PDF version. Please also find the starting list links below, take a note of your lining up time category and be at the start line ready to go a few minutes before your time.

Long course racers, if you are numbered 1-29 please be ready to start at 10.00, if you are numbered 30-59 please be ready to start at 10.05, if you are numbered 60+ please be ready to start at 10.10.

Long course start list: http://www.racesplitter.com/races/314F621DE
Short course adult start list: http://www.racesplitter.com/races/DA18998C5
Short course kids and juniors start list: http://www.racesplitter.com/races/9A0228047

NEW this year – only those who have never raced in a canicross race before must attend the briefing at 9.30am. This briefing is optional for experienced canicross racers provided you watch the video briefing, this is over 15 minutes long, however it saves you standing around in the cold before your race to listen to it, so please grab a cuppa or a glass of wine and take in the race briefing in the comfort of your own home: https://youtu.be/8h1aBFqcnqM

Key times

Registration will open at 8.30am and close at 9.30am
Briefing will be at 9.30am
5k race will commence at 10.00am
2.5k adults race we hope to commence at 11.15am not 11.30am as per the briefing document and video.
2.5k kids and juniors race will commence ABOUT 12.15pm but please be ready earlier.

Prize giving will commence as soon as we are ready.

Foxlake are open for business on the day, they have special packages for segways, foxfall, ringos, wakeboarding …… plus they have warm showers for those participating in these activites!!! Why not contact them and book some activities whilst you are with us? 01620860657.

If you are camping please book with foxlake in advance so they know to leave toilets open for you.

Have a great day and remember to bring warm clothes and lots of pennies for the stalls and cafe.

Any questions please check the briefing document and video first and if your answer is not within, please e-mail us.

Please remember to check out our sponsors and supporters social media and websites and send them any pics of prizes. Big Bobble Hats, Just Dogs Shop, Braid Vets, Foxlake, Fish4Dogs, KONG, Yumove, Feelwells, Yellow Dog Photography and Bob Marshall Photography

Kind regards

Your Devoted Smiley Race Team

p.s don’t forget your donations for the dog charities we are supporting – all information in your briefing document”

Check out the briefing document here:  Briefing document 2015 PDF

Breaking News for Scottish Canicross

Cani-Sports Scotland, Cani-Fit and Cani-Sports Edinburgh are working together in the 2015/2016 season to bring you  a “Scottish Canicross Championships Series”

The Championship Series will feature 4 races, you must race in at least 3 of the 4 races and your best 3 results will count for the series. Details as to which races are part of the series to follow.
This is a pilot year it is currently a work in progress so may evolve over time, but a very positive and exciting step forward in the Scottish Canicross world!

There will be a number of categories (full breakdown to follow), the series winners will each receive a perpetual trophy, which will be engraved, to keep for a year before returning it to be passed on to the next seasons winner. Podium places in the series will all receive a little keepsake.

It is anticipated that the season will finish with a bit of a culmination social event, in May/June 2016, with an awards presentation, food, drinks and dancing. Research is on going to find a suitable, central venue that caters for all our needs. Any ideas, please do let us know.

More information to follow….
Exiting times!

CSE needs a new captain.

We need a new chairperson as Alison is stepping down next year.  Anybody wanting to apply for chair next year will need a year’s experience of being on the committee.  So here’s some words from her to inspire you to consider applying for the committee this year and for chair next year.

Chairperson’s words – Jump on Board the CSE ship!

If I had been informed of all the work entailed in setting up and running a group/club, when Viv and I first started the CSE group, I’m not sure if we would ever have set it up.  I don’t think we ever envisioned how popular it would be and the rate at which it would grow.Let me explain what I mean and in doing so let me also make it clear that I absolutely have no regrets and would do it all again ten times over.  I can honestly say that Cani-Sports Edinburgh is one of the best things to have happened to me, for numerous reasons, which I wont bore you with.

So my comment about not starting CSE if i were aware at the start what it would entail is simply down to fear!  Personal fear; fear of failure, fear of my lack of experience in creating and developing clubs,  fear of not having enough time, fear of being out of my depths.   If I knew what lay ahead I would have been paralysed by fear.  As it was I was blissfully unaware as to how the club would develop and unfold.

CSE grew organically  …. albeit at a fast rate.  As it grew proceedures were put in place and it became more and more cohesive and club like, until it finally became a formal club.  This was a massive step and fantastic progression for the sport and group alike.  It took the committee and other helpers alot of work, sweat and tears ….. but finally the CSE ship was built.

And this is one of my key points …..the ship is built!  The ship now just needs a little guidance and the occasional bit of maintenance.

It takes people with different characters and backgrounds to crew a ship.  And one thing is for sure there will be plenty of adventures on board the ship during the journey.

If you have an interest in the committee but doubt yourself, please ignore your doubts and come and jump on board.

As you all know I plan for this new membership year to be my last year as chairperson.  I am looking to step down next June 2016, into a generic committee role (if I’m voted in), for a year, and then out the committee altogether.   Why would I do this?  I believe it is healthy for both me and the club.   The club is not mine or about me, I have simply been at the helm for a while.  CSE belongs to the members and it will benefit hugely from the influence of others and regular fresh blood.

CSE needs a new skipper.  In accordance with the constitution my successor must be in the committee for a year before becoming chairperson.   So a wee plea to the future chairperson; whoever you may be – we need you on board come June.

Prior to CSE I had no experience with clubs and all they entail.  But with such a fabulous team in the committee and group of members, together we launched the CSE ship in style.

The future for CSE is so bright and exciting.   The future chair need not have any experience with committees.  They needn’t be a fast runner or have any particular type of dog, they needn’t be a certain age, race, gender, ethnicity or sexuality.  They needn’t do a specific profession or live in a specific place.  And hell …. much to the relief of all ….. they needn’t be anything like me :-).

The   future chairperson simply needs a raw passion for dogs and canicross along with drive, a great sense of humour and a sprinkling of diplomacy.  In return they will develop and fine tune their leadership, creativity, communication and decision making skills, as well as experiencing positive boosts within themselves.

So come on guys …. let’s keep this ship sailing strongly and ensure we have an awesome skipper and top crew on board.  Dispel that fear and get those applications to be on the committee sent in to Jane Irvine and experience a team like no other!!!!!

Your loyal and heartfelt current Chair

Ali xx