Summer with Cani-Sports Edinburgh

The hot weather means that there hasn’t been much in the way of canicrossing for the last couple of months as it has been too hot and humid for dogs and some humans!  However that hasn’t stopped us having a great programme of fitness events to keep us in condition till the canicrossing starts again in the autumn.

First up was Gavin’s running workshops.  Gavin is an ex GP and now a sports massage therapist.  He specializes in working with runners, cyclists, triathletes and now canicrossers!   It was a really interesting workshop with lots of information to take away, with tests to see what shape our various muscles are in and discussion about running form and stretching.  It was so popular we had to put it on twice.

Next on our busy calendar, Leszek Stelmachowski of Edinburgh’s only Kettlebell Club kindly put together a two hour kettlebell workshop.  This gave us a basic grounding in technique in case we ever wanted to attend classes or pick up those neglected bells at home that so many of us seem to have.   Kettlebells are a great way to build strength, particularly core strength, without bulk and work on our posture and flexibility.  It fits very nicely with many of the things Gavin was talking about such as activating our glutes.  Les was very patient with us and gave clear and helpful explanations of all the technique while being thoroughly fun.  Again it was so popular, a second one had to be put on.

Kettlebell Workshop

Kettlebell Workshop

Also on the theme of running injury free, more efficiently and enhancing running performance, a Chi Running Workshop with Nick Constantine was organised for CSE.  Chi Running is both a running form and a philosophy,

We’ve also had Keith Bremner organise a series of three speed sessions for us.  The third one is on Saturday August the 30th.  Following a similar format to the previous two there will be a warm-up, canicross racing drills, a hill session, core work and a cool-down.   As it’s the last one of the season and to celebrate the end of August and a new season of canicrossing, we will be off to a nearby food and drink establishment afterwards for breakfast.  Hope to see you there, click here for more detail and say you’re coming.

With all these stronger and injury free muscles and extra efficiency, Cani-Sports Edinburgh should storm the upcoming season of canicross!