Running with Rescues

by Andrew

In 2012 I began volunteering at Borders Pet Rescue I had little idea of the journey I was beginning. I’d previously run with my late Lakeland cross Polly, so when asked to run a young energetic Dalmatian/ Husky cross called Oscar I was delighted. Over the next few months I ran with a variety of wonderful dogs. They were teaching me more than I them but we had fun learning.

In October 2013 I learnt of a cani cross race in Jedburgh. With the backing of BPR I decided to enter and raise some funds. A quick search online brought CSE to my attention. The support and advice I received was superb. Maisie and I started training regularly and we both loved every minute of it.


Race day arrived any nerves soon disappeared due to the warm welcome I received and Maisies impeccable behaviour . Once safely round the muddy course we were rewarded with a medal and rosette which Maisie took proudly back to BPR. We were hooked!

Over the winter Maisie remained at the centre. A bout of kennel cough led toquarantine and lots of frustration for all the dogs. Once clear I had 3 dogs to run with. Maisie didn’t like this at all! I got sad looks every time it was Dot or Santi’s turn.

Rescue dogs can’t get off lead in public, so Cani ross is a great way to enhance their time in kennels. They’ll assess the fitness and temperament of dogs in their care so why not call and see if you can help.


Maisies been in her forever home for 6 months now and is very happy there. I am awaiting the cooler weather so I can get back to my newest passion running with rescues.