Changes Afoot at CSE

Given the ever increasing size of the Cani-Sports Edinburgh and it’s expanding popularity, a slight change to the current procedure for the regular runs is due to be introduced.

Firstly please note that the terms “official run” and “unofficial run” have been substituted for “club” and “non-club”, please see here for the distinction between these.

Secondly a Cani-Sports Edinburgh facebook PAGE has been set up. All “Club Runs” will be posted up on the club facebook page, they will NOT be posted in the group. The group will continue to be used as it is to allow all members to interact and chat. Furthermore the group can be used for club members and non-members to arrange their own meetups (non club runs & meetups).

Please “like” the facebook page and follow it. Please look out for the Monday and Saturday club runs and continue to comment on these posts if you intend to come along.

Many thanks and Happy Canicrossing!

Your faithful CSE Committee