Foxlake Race Review – Maya McKinnon

I was woken up really early which can only mean one thing – we are going running.  After I wolf my breakfast down I go for a quick power nap to save my energy.

Mum told us this was an extra special race.  Not only was it our one year Cani-cross anniversary, Kima and me were going to be running with her for the first time together.

After almost pulling her down the hill to the start line – we love to get excited and could see Ruby and Buddy doing the same thing to Paul – we lined up behind our husky friends Meeko and Suki.  I normally get to run with Storm chasing me so I was a little bit sad she wasn’t able to run.

Finally it was our turn at the start line and we were off.  We ran past all the people cheering us on and into the woods.  Kima and me love running through woodland trails and were storming on.

We got to the top of the hill and got a bit confused but soon found the right path down the hill and onto the grass.  At that point Leon (our brother) ran past us and we got super excited and started to run really fast trying to chase him.  It was brilliant fun we loved it.

I almost got to run into the water at the bridge – mum was screaming NO at us for some reason!!

The course was fantastic, I loved all the trails and the twists and turns.   There was a massive puddle right at the end which me and Kima had fun running through and getting super dirty.

I had a really good day and got to speak to all my doggy friends and make some new ones.  I got introduced to a puppy called BB who although was really cute I definitely do not want another brother or sister!!

My favourite part of the day was the sausage treat from the goody bag – yum yum

See you all at the next race – Husky Hugs Maya xxHayley