CSS Coalsnaughton Canicross Race Report by Kim Collier

My old puppy!

Kim & Bonny, photo courtesy of Nlnja Laura
Kim & Bonny, photo courtesy of Nlnja Laura

Bonny and I started our running career in 2013 when I signed up to do the New York marathon.  We had done a little bit of running before then, but nothing serious.

I love running with her, she makes the time and distance go past so much more quickly! I heard of Cani-Sports Edinburgh, last summer, when one of their members asked me to do a PAT assessment on their dog. I went along and went for a walk after the assessment with some members. I thought Bonny would love to do this as it’s a nice distance and would keep her running up.

She had never run on a lead and she didn’t pull, but you CAN teach old dogs new tricks!  We have done 3 Canicross events and by far the best one was her last one at Coalsnaughton.  The course suited her to a T, not too muddy or stony, a bit hilly and some lovely grassy tracks(her favourite)  It was very cold at the start line, but Bonny was rearing to go! It was our time to start, we don’t go off at full speed like some of the younger ones do, but she was ‘out in front’ which she normally doesn’t do! She had a fab time around the course, she was out in front and pulling a little for most of the way, again a first. The nicest part was when we were coming to the finish line and everyone was calling her name to make to go even faster, she pulled me across the line!!  We defiantly did not come in the placings, but it’s all about taking part, not the winning!

Bonny will be 14 in May so this was her last long course race as when the season starts again she will be 14&1/2. We had a fantastic time.  We are both a bit shy, but we met some new people and had our photo taken with our running group Cani-Sports Edinburgh!

some of the CSE crew, photo courtesy of Hilary Little
some of the CSE crew, photo courtesy of Hilary Little

Canicross has really kept Bonny fit and active, and she loves catching up with her doggy friends and acting like a 14 month old not a 14yr old!

I will hopefully have my friend`s dog to run with for my Canicross events next season and the Coalsnaughton race will be a must again next year!

Happy running.

Kim and Bonny (aged 13yrs 10 months)