CSE Needs you!

Ask not what you can do for Cani-Sports Edinburgh, but what Cani-Sports Edinburgh can do for you!!!! 

AGM – Sunday 14th June at 6pm @ Function room in the Stair Arms Hotel in Pathhead.

There are four vacancies for the committee for the four non office bearing members.

Cani-Sports Edinburgh would like to thank Viv and Jane Jones for their enormous contribution in not just the last year but also before we formally became a club. The club wouldn’t have had such a successful first year if it was for your time, effort, dedication and energy.

Next year the four office bearing committee member posts will be up for election; including the chairperson, vice chairperson and secretary. Please note, If you are interested in one of these three roles, they require one year’s experience of being on the committee, so you’ll need to be part of the committee this year to be eligible.

As a member of the CSE committee you will learn new skills and fine tune old ones. You will become part of something dynamic, fun, creative and energising. You will laugh and cry. You will feel valued and worthwhile, all whilst having fun and helping the running and growth of Cani-Sports Edinburgh.

So does the following sound like you? Then you are exactly what we’re looking for.

  • Love Canicross
  • Love dogs
  • Ability to see other people’s point of views
  • Not take things personally
  • Respectful
  • Enthusiastic
  • Able to complete tasks
  • Committed
  • Sense of humour
  • State the obvious ;)

What is the role of a committee member?

You along with the other 7 committee members will be expected to:

  • Contribute to organising and leading the 2 regular Club runs each week
  • Contribute to organising and leading regular adhoc runs
  • Encourage new members, support new and current members
  • Attend some of the quarterly committee meetings
  • Be an ambassador for Cani-Sports Edinburgh and promote the club where appropriate
  • Be an ambassador for Canisports and promote the sport where appropriate
  • Ensure that attendees to the club runs are adhering to the rules of the group
  • Ensure the Facebook group contains posts of relevance and provide relevant administration services on Facebook
  • Promote dog health and welfare
  • Utilise the club e-mails and carry out administration tasks

If you are interested in what the four office bearer roles are about you can read about them here.

What tasks do I have to do?

This will depend on what you want to do! There are a range of tasks that that are essential for the operation of the club in addition to the tasks mentioned above. There are also roles/projects that it would be nice if the club could carry out.

Exactly which committee member does which task will be decided at the first committee meeting.

Other Essential Tasks to the Club

  • Website and Facebook Director – keep these sites up to date such as the race schedule, spot news worthy stories and place them up on the website, keep the website fresh and relevant
  • Summer Schedule Organiser
  • Social Event and Course Organiser – organise days out and also workshops that would be of interest to the group
  • Deals and Discounts – contact new businesses to work as partners and obtain more discounts for club members
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Dalkeith Country Park liaison
  • Vogrie Country Park liaison
  • East Lothian Council liaison
  • Race Director
  • Race Team

Desirable Tasks for the Club

  • Dog Charities – increase our awareness with dog charities, draw up a list of appropriate dog charities to liaise with (some charities we wouldn’t want to be associated with – build on the group’s knowledge of charities to create a database), target their events and open days
  • Vet Awareness – increase Vets’ awareness of the benefits of Cani-Sports
  • Media – raise awareness of the sport with the media such as dog magazines, fitness magazines and disseminate media worthy stories in the local and national press
  • Event Attendance – there are a variety of events that would be good for CSE to have a stall at
  • Rogue Dog – continue to use Rogue Dog as a mascot and utilise his creativity for more PR projects
  • Any Other Suggestions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a big time commitment?

There is will be eight people on the committee, so there’s plenty of people to share the workload. If everybody gives a little bit, we’ll have plenty of capacity. We are grateful for any time you wish to give and we understand that sometimes life takeover. Therefore it is understood if sometimes you can’t contribute to the committee. All that is asked, is that you take this into consideration when choosing what committee tasks you would like to do.

I’ve just joined Cani-Sports Edinburgh– I don’t feel like I’m part of the club enough to stand

As long as you’re going to be part of the club in the future (i.e. attend a few runs) and have the characteristics we’re looking for – that’s all the matters.

I don’t have any specific skills/ I’ve never been on a committee before

Neither do/have many of the current committee members! Training can be provided where necessary.

All that is wanted from you is the essential characteristics and also your perspective. It’s really good to have a range of views. CSE has benefitted from having people with an array of backgrounds, including experience in dog charities, with nervous dogs and also a wide range of fitness levels.

I’m worried as I’m not very fit/not very good at canicrossing

Again, neither are many of the current committee members. Some of the current committee have been injured; some of them happily come last in races whilst some of them are speedies. Some of the current committee prefer the long distances whilst some prefer short sprints. It takes all sorts – but the key common denominator is a common love and passion of canicrossing.

Having a range of perspectives in the committee is great.

I’m really keen to be on the committee, but I can’t make the AGM

This is not a problem, you can still be nominated and elected in your absence. Provided you send your “committee application” e-mail to the secretary, full details in Thursday’s post.


So now we’ve got you all keen and excited to be on the committee what happens next?

Well firstly take out membership! http://www.entrycentral.com/memberships

Secondly, please send a “committee application” e-mail containing your answers to the following questions (and keep to the word limit) to the secretary Jane Irvine. Please PM her furry sidekick Bradley Irvine on Facebook and ask for her email address.

  • What do you love about canicross? (50 words max)
  • What do you love about Cani-Sports Edinburgh? (50 words max)
  • Why do you want to be on the committee? (150 words max)
  • What will you bring to the committee (skills, perspective, character etc)? (150 words max)

The deadline is the 20th of May.

The next steps in the process will be for the secretary to circulate everybodys’ answer at the end of May and also just before the AGM to all members.

The AGM is on the 14th of June. The election process at the AGM is straightforward. An anonymous paper vote will thereafter be conducted where the attendees(club members) at the AGM will state their preferred four candidates in order of priority. The number of votes each candidate receives will be counted. The four candidates with the most votes will be committee members. If there is a tie, the number of first preferences for the tied candidates will be counted. If there is still a tie, the second preferences will be counted, then the third and then the four preferences. If there is still a tie then the chairperson, vice chairperson and secretary will vote on the tied members anonymously.

Proxy votes will be accepted. Please send them to the secretary.