CSE needs a new captain.

We need a new chairperson as Alison is stepping down next year.  Anybody wanting to apply for chair next year will need a year’s experience of being on the committee.  So here’s some words from her to inspire you to consider applying for the committee this year and for chair next year.

Chairperson’s words – Jump on Board the CSE ship!

If I had been informed of all the work entailed in setting up and running a group/club, when Viv and I first started the CSE group, I’m not sure if we would ever have set it up.  I don’t think we ever envisioned how popular it would be and the rate at which it would grow.Let me explain what I mean and in doing so let me also make it clear that I absolutely have no regrets and would do it all again ten times over.  I can honestly say that Cani-Sports Edinburgh is one of the best things to have happened to me, for numerous reasons, which I wont bore you with.

So my comment about not starting CSE if i were aware at the start what it would entail is simply down to fear!  Personal fear; fear of failure, fear of my lack of experience in creating and developing clubs,  fear of not having enough time, fear of being out of my depths.   If I knew what lay ahead I would have been paralysed by fear.  As it was I was blissfully unaware as to how the club would develop and unfold.

CSE grew organically  …. albeit at a fast rate.  As it grew proceedures were put in place and it became more and more cohesive and club like, until it finally became a formal club.  This was a massive step and fantastic progression for the sport and group alike.  It took the committee and other helpers alot of work, sweat and tears ….. but finally the CSE ship was built.

And this is one of my key points …..the ship is built!  The ship now just needs a little guidance and the occasional bit of maintenance.

It takes people with different characters and backgrounds to crew a ship.  And one thing is for sure there will be plenty of adventures on board the ship during the journey.

If you have an interest in the committee but doubt yourself, please ignore your doubts and come and jump on board.

As you all know I plan for this new membership year to be my last year as chairperson.  I am looking to step down next June 2016, into a generic committee role (if I’m voted in), for a year, and then out the committee altogether.   Why would I do this?  I believe it is healthy for both me and the club.   The club is not mine or about me, I have simply been at the helm for a while.  CSE belongs to the members and it will benefit hugely from the influence of others and regular fresh blood.

CSE needs a new skipper.  In accordance with the constitution my successor must be in the committee for a year before becoming chairperson.   So a wee plea to the future chairperson; whoever you may be – we need you on board come June.

Prior to CSE I had no experience with clubs and all they entail.  But with such a fabulous team in the committee and group of members, together we launched the CSE ship in style.

The future for CSE is so bright and exciting.   The future chair need not have any experience with committees.  They needn’t be a fast runner or have any particular type of dog, they needn’t be a certain age, race, gender, ethnicity or sexuality.  They needn’t do a specific profession or live in a specific place.  And hell …. much to the relief of all ….. they needn’t be anything like me :-).

The   future chairperson simply needs a raw passion for dogs and canicross along with drive, a great sense of humour and a sprinkling of diplomacy.  In return they will develop and fine tune their leadership, creativity, communication and decision making skills, as well as experiencing positive boosts within themselves.

So come on guys …. let’s keep this ship sailing strongly and ensure we have an awesome skipper and top crew on board.  Dispel that fear and get those applications to be on the committee sent in to Jane Irvine and experience a team like no other!!!!!

Your loyal and heartfelt current Chair

Ali xx