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The group has had a huge impact on our lives – without it, Lan would never have started running seriously, I would never have started running seriously, I would never have started doing kettlebell training (which I really enjoy), Carlos wouldn’t have developed into the (slightly) more chiilled out dog that he is now and Maisie, well who knows what Maisie thinks. A lot of our lives now revolve around fitness-related activities, a real turnaround for us, with all the positive benefits that that implies. So huge thanks to everyone who makes the group work – lets hope it goes from strength to strength in the next 2 years!

– Grant, runs with Carlos (greyhound), Maisie (greyhound) & Coco (podenco)

This group has also had a huge impact on my life- and Murdo’s! I’ve made so many friends and my fitness has greatly improved. There’s no way I would have thought this time last year that I’d be running in the dark through the woods *for fun*. I can’t thank you guys enough.

– Leah, runs with Murdo (jack russell)

I have only been a member of the group for a few months but have also benefited massively in the short period of time I have been running with you guys. Getting a second dog was as a direct result of being part of the group and both dogs and I get a huge amount of enjoyment from Cani-cross and running with the pack (yes even grumpy Shey). One of the biggest attractions though is the ethos of this club.

– Fraser

I’ll avoid repetition… but simply to say me and Ellie love being part of this club!

– Gail, runs with Ellie (spaniel)

So great to have found such a friendly bunch of dog-loving people. You’ve all been so supportive through our (both mine & the dogs!) various injuries over the past year, & if it wasn’t for this group I’d have given up on running/getting fit long ago I think!

– Jane, runs with Gizzy (podenco) & Sandy (greyhound)

Such a positive and energizing group. Everyone contributes to the fabby ethos. I love our antics ….. here’s to lots more adventures and happy pooches!!!!

– Alison, runs with Jasper (vizsla) &  Zac (German shorthaired pointer)

The boys and I love being part of this group.

– Louise, runs with Jake & Ben

I had never run in my life until I joined this group ( and that’s a long time!) and I now love it!

– Avril

This group = happy fit people + happy well behaved dogs! Really glad to be part of it with Hayley

– Dug

Team Spangle and myself are very proud to be a part of such a great group

– Jenny, runs with Katie & Petra (spaniels)

I can say that (thanks to Lan & Grant) both my dogs, dearly missed Whisper and little Gypsy, have had immeasurable fun and enriched lives by attending Canicross. And I have too, so YAAAY!

– Catherine, runs with Gypsy (lurcher)

I love feeling normal in this group! Thats all!

– Pamela, runs with Ruby, Molly & Poppy