Cani-Sports Edinburgh Xmas Poem 2013

Cani-Sports Edinburgh, well what can I say
A group, so like minded who run and play
The dogs are the focus of our fabulous team
Hurtling through Dalkeith; we’re a sight to be seen

It’s been an eventful year with many tales
Wake boarding, hill runs and a trip to Wales
Let’s take a look back at some of the frolics
Cani-Sports Edinburgh – we’re the dogs Boll…..ocks!

Wedding proposals became the done thing
When Ben surprised Lisa with some suitable Bling
Katie and Craig got in on the action
And Pam and Paul also sealed their attraction

But enough about people
What of the dogs ………………

Casanova Nicol is desperate to “play”
Making friends in his own special way
Bradley, dressed to kill – much to his shame
Fancy dress outfits, we know who to blame!!

A toast to Team Spangle – Ellie, Molly, Luca, Ruby and Buddy
Not to forget Petra & Katie – our own Team Muddy
But beware, the Border Terriers are hatching a scam
For Leonard, Hamish, Mitch and Bradley domination is the plan

Topper and Trifle – our striking silver pair
The show champion stunner with the mesmerising stare
A special mention to Ash – our big friendly lab
And to Sam our cross, this boy’s simply fab

And what of our Collies? Our agile friends
On the speed of Ben & Jake Louise has come to depend

Our Snow breeds are the leaders of our pack
We’ve a huge selection due to Mr & Mrs Black
Wonder pup Storm and her hairy crew
Skye, Suki and Tam to name but a few

The demure sight hounds are so humble and wise
All except Gizzy who has stars in his eyes
Our big gentle Carlos likes a scratch and a lean
And Ronson’s pyjamas have to be seen!

I bet you thought I’d forgotten my own special two
Right now Jas is sleeping, whilst Zac finds things to chew
Puzzle, Faith and Niambh our elegant English ladies
Although Niambh is often seen begging the boys for babies

Lest we forget our friends – who’ve gone to pastures new
Whisper, Ajay, Ice and Jake – we will never forget you
But with smiles and joy we welcome the pups, the future of our fun
Peggy, Ruby, Meeka, Echo – for whom the excitement has just begun

– Alison, runs with Jasper and Zac (though not at the same time except that one time…!)