Find a Cani-Sports Group Near You

As well as our official runs, our members often post up details of informal meetups in a variety of fantastic locations across Edinburgh and Lothians.  Our nearest canicross groups are Forth Valley Canicross, West Lothian Canicross and Cani-Sports Dunfermline.  All these social groups arrange their runs on Facebook.

If you live further afield do contact us, Cani-Sports Scotland or if you’re not in Scotland – Canicross Trailrunners.  Somebody will try and help put you in touch with local canicrossers.  Or why not start your own group its as easy as “I’m going for a run, who wants to join me?”  

Also in Edinburgh, West Lothian and Fife is Cani-Fit which is Scotland’s leading dog and owner fitness company. They provide professional exercise training for both dogs and their owners. With National and World Champions in a variety of sled dog sports, Cani-Fit adapt their expertise to suit every dog owner; canicross, bikejor and scootering.  They teach dogs and humans how to work get fit, have fun and run with their dog.  Working as part of a team with your dog not only forms a stronger bond but can eliminate behavioural problems through good use of exercise.  All their training sessions are fully insured, and led by a fully certified Cani-Fit leader.  For class timetable and to book a place go to their website.