The CSE committee (2018/19) is currently comprised of the following 9 individuals:

Chair: Neil Braidwood
Vice Chair: Julie Mair
Secretary: Jane Irvine
Treasurer: Craig Heaslip

Lucy Behney
Janet Decourt
Gemma Donnelly
Ashleigh Gray
Marieke Schor




Chair: Gail Grant
Vice Chair: Lan Pham
Secretary: Jane Irvine
Treasurer: Craig Heaslip

Susan Borthwick
Andrew Littlejohn
Sue Weeks
Avril Dodds
John McCausland
Andy Kinnaird
Jo McKirdy
Agata Aleksandra Zaremba


Chair: Alison (Ali Wylie)
Vice Chair: Lan (Carlos Phamthony)
Secretary: Jane (Bradley Irvine)
Treasurer: Lisa (Lisa Adamo)

Alana (Alana Darling)
Andy (Andy Kinnaird)
Craig (Craig Heaslip)
Gail (Gail Grant)


Chair: Alison (Ali Wylie)
Vice Chair: Lan (Carlos Phamthony)/Viv (Viv n Storm)
Secretary: Jane 1 (Bradley Irvine)
Treasurer: Lisa (Lisa Adamo)

Alana (Alana Darling)
Jane 2 (Jane Jones)
Jenny (Jenny Mair)

(Facebook account names in brackets so you can identify them within our Facebook group)


Please note the role description is a rough guide, once the committee is elected, it is up to them how they organise their committee.


All Committee Members
There will be unlimited non-specific committee members and 4 office bearers.  All committee members will be expected to.

  • Contribute to organising and leading the 2 regular Club runs each week
  • Contribute to organising and leading regular adhoc runs
  • Encourage new members, support new and current members
  • Attend some of the quarterly committee meetings
  • Be an ambassador for Cani-Sports Edinburgh and promote the club where appropriate
  • Be an ambassador for Canisports and promote the sport where appropriate
  • Ensure that attendees to the club runs are adhering to the rules of the group
  • Ensure the Facebook group contains posts of relevance and provide relevant administration services on Facebook.
  • Promote dog health and welfare
  • Utilise the club e-mails and carry out administration tasks.

Chairperson  To make sure that the committee runs as a team.  To ensure that the committee is able to manage and oversee the running of the club.

Chairpersons’s duties at meetings include:

  • Prepare agendas in consultation with the vice chairperson and/or secretary
  • Conduct the meeting in a manner that enables everyone to have his or her say
  • Conduct the meeting in a way that ensures business is dealt with effectively
  • Steer the meeting through the agenda
  • Summarise what has been said
  • Move to a vote if necessary.

Chairperson’s duties out with meetings include:

  • Represent the club
  • Ensure that decisions made in the meetings are carried out
  • Keep in contact with the club’s finances through the treasurer
  • Keep in touch with what is happening in Cani-Sports (such as keeping track of the activities of SDAS, BSSF, Cani-Fit, other clubs and Canicross Trailrunners and liaising/networking with them if necessary)

Vice Chairperson To back up and support the Chairperson’s duties as per above for both at meetings and out with and to take the role of Chairperson in the Chairperson’s absence. Cani-Sports Edinburgh specific Vice Chairperson duties:

  • Process memberships for both new members and renewals
  • Keep membership and disclaimer database up to date

Secretary  To help the Chairperson organise meetings and to deal with the clubs correspondence.  Key duties include:

  • To ensure that notices of meetings/agendas are drawn up and sent out in advance (including Annual General Meeting – AGM)
  • To take and distribute minutes of the meetings
  • To deal with correspondence
  • To be able to send out publicity and any other information
  • Keep a record of any accidents/incidents

Treasurer is responsible for all income and expenditure affecting the organisation and for the presentation of accounts and balance sheets.  Duties include:

  • Recording all transactions
  • Give receipts for all monies received
  • Give the committee regular financial reports
  • Budgeting
  • Arrange for an audit to take place annually (if required)
  • Cash Book – to record any transactions made (i.e money paid into bank, cheques, drawn or direct debits paid)
  • Paying Bills – Bills should be paid within one month in order to maintain good will towards the club from its creditors. It is also just as important to pay volunteers any out-of-pocket expenses. No payment should be made without written documentation or invoice.
  • Collecting Monies – Always keep club monies separate from personal money. It is important to have duplicates of receipts; give one to the payee and the other the club keeps. It is a good idea to deposit any money as soon as possible.