Cani-Sports Edinburgh was born in April 2012 – the brainchild of two Lothian dog loving running enthusiasts. Since then the group has grown significantly, necessitating transition to a formal club in 2014.

A few words from one of our longstanding members…

Cani-Sports Edinburgh First Run – 2nd April 2012 . After seeing an advert for a new thing called canicross, Carlos (rescued greyhound) and I find ourselves in a car park on Monday night in Dalkeith Country Park.  We are both very nervous.  We’ve both got poor social skills and not the best in groups.  Not to mention I don’t run or do anything that could possibly cause me to be fit.  I remind myself that the dog behaviourist said Carlos and I needed to bond and that this is all for him.

Everybody is very friendly and understanding about our ‘special issues’.  After being kitted out we’re off.  Oh dear, Carlos the keen sprinter has shot off ahead of the pack, this is going to be painful, I slow down and work through my stitch the whole way round.  But I made it to the end and most importantly Carlos looks happy.  We are now hooked!

We weren’t the only ones and as we developed a regular group of runners, more runs during the week were set up.   Then winter came, we kept on running through the mud and the dark with head torches.   I love these runs when we have the park all to ourselves.

Canicrossing lead us to new places to participate in races.  A whole bunch of us went all the way to South Wales to represent the Scotland team.   The fun and friendly nature of the group means that we’ve got together to do a wide range of other things, some fitness related such as going on long runs in the hills to train for the Hoka Highland Fling Relay to a wakeboarding evening.

Running with our canine friends has made us realise running can be fun and we’ve had members participating in everything from their first 5k race to their first Ultra race.  We’ve also developed a whole range of other skills from baking (we have a strong focus on cake) to ukulele playing.  Given the huge amount we’ve done in the last couple of years, now we have a designated social organiser, who knows what crazy exciting activities we’ll be doing in the next couple of years.

– Lan (runs with Carlos and Coco)