Club Runs v Non-Club Runs & Meetups

Club Run

A club run is defined as:

  • One designated as a club run at the time of organising

  • One that is posted up on the Cani-Sports Edinburgh Facebook Club Page (NOT group) AND

  • One that is organised under the banner of Cani-Sports Edinburgh by either

  • a committee member


  • a member of Cani-Sports Edinburgh in liaison with a committee member   AND

  • One that has at least 1 committee member present.”


Club Rules and Regulations apply to all Club runs.


Non-Club Runs & Meetups

Conversely a non-club run/meet is considered as any run/meet posted in the Cani-Sports Edinburgh Facebook Group by any member of the group, whether or not they are a paid club member, not a paid club member or even if they are a member of the committee.  

In line with the friendly and fun ethos of the group, members are encouraged to organise their own meetups.  All meet ups posted in the Cani-Sports Edinburgh group are deemed as “non club” runs.  These are posted on Facebook on an ad-hoc basis, anyone can organise a “non club” run, please be aware that Cani-Sports Edinburgh does not take any responsibility for any of these runs/meets.  Non-club runs organised via the Cani-Sports Edinburgh facebook group are viewed as meet ups between like minded people, please feel free to arrange meet ups.  Whilst this is a private run outwith the club, to members of the public you are representatives of the sport and the club so please take cognisance of the rules and regulations and keep to the spirit of the club.