Fundraising for Borders Pet Rescue

Two CSE members are fundraising for Borders Pet Rescue, who need money for the care of all the animals as well as developing a dog park, which will be used to train and socialise the dogs in their care.

 Andrew, who has introduced canicross to Borders Pet Rescue & frequently takes the dogs in the shelter out for runs, is running the Edinburgh Marathon on May 25th - you can sponsor him here.Borders Pet Rescue

It was suggested (by a fellow CSE member of course!) that Ali run 10 miles of the Cateran Trail Ultramarathon on May 17th as Rogue Dog.  However Ali doesn’t like to do things by half so he decided to run the full 55 miles dressed as Rogue dog! You can sponsor Ali here & read Rogue Dog’s personal account of his Cateran experience here.

Another CSE member, Andrew, who over the past year has successfully introduced canicross to Borders Pet Rescue & frequently takes the dogs in the shelter out for runs, is running the Edinburgh Marathon on May 25th. You can sponsor Andrew here.

All donations are gratefully received no matter how big or small.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend running your dog for marathon/ultra marathon distances!






Rogue Dog

CSE proudly introduces ………… Rogue Dog!!!!!


A massive thanks to everyone involved in humouring Alison with this silly idea. Please do share it far and wide …. lets spread the canicross word.

Special mention to Ben and his photographic and technical genius for creating it all!!!!

Happy 1st of May 2014!

Today will go down in our Cani-Sports Edinburgh legacy… We are now officially a club!

Day one & we already have 36 members! If you’d like to join us you can find out how here. Not sure what this is all about? Check out our FAQs here.

Longniddry runners 1.5.14
Longniddry runners 1.5.14

We had a great turn out for our first official run as a club at Longniddry railway path this evening. We’re really excited about what the future holds for both canicross and Cani-Sports Edinburgh!


FAQ for the transition into a club

When does Cani-Sports Edinburgh become a club?

The Club is due to go live on 1st May 2014. Applications for membership will be via entry central. Once this is set up the link will be put up on FB to allow people to sign up. Members will receive a membership card and a unique membership number.

How much will it be?

There will be four types of annual membership packages:

Single – £15

Joint (2 people from one house hold) – £25

Junior – £10

Family (2 adults and 2 children) – £30

Do I HAVE to become a member?

No! Membership is open to anyone, but you do not HAVE to become a member. If you choose not to become a member then as of the 1st of May 2014 you can attend 3 official runs* for free, thereafter you will be required to contribute £1 per official run to go towards club costs.

What do I get if I become a member?

An array of benefits! Access to the CSE AGM, full access to all official CSE runs, participation in other CSE social and sporting activities on a preferential basis, free access to the spare gear box at official runs, access to the deals and discounts, discounts on courses/workshops set up via CSE, CSE quarterly newsletters ….. and much more!

What does my money go towards?

The running of the club. The club is non-profit making and any monies collected will be reinvested into the club.

I don’t live in Edinburgh can I still be a member?

Yes! It does not matter where you live, everyone is welcome to become a member and reap the benefits of membership.

I just come and walk, how am I affected?

Walkers are welcome as always, membership is open to them too. Whilst all rules and regulations apply to walkers and runners, walkers who are not members will not be expected pay the required £1 per official run.

Any other changes I should know about?

The club will continue to run in the friendly and inclusive manner it is renowned for. The transition into a club is a natural progression given the size of the group and in turn is great testimony to the wonderful world of canicross.

Various document such as the rules and regulations are currently being updated and will be posted on FB as soon as possible.


*Please note as of 1st May 2014 there will new terms introduced: official run and unofficial run. Official runs will cover the current regular runs at Dalkeith, Longniddry and Vogrie plus others on an ad hoc basis if they meet the below criteria.

An official run is defined as:
“One designated as an official run at the time of organising


One that is organised under the banner of Cani-Sports Edinburgh by either a committee member


a member of Cani-Sports Edinburgh in liaison with a committee member AND has at least one committee member present.”

Club Rules and Regulations apply to all official runs.


Conversely an unofficial run is:

In line with the friendly and fun ethos of the group, members are encouraged to organise their own meet ups, if they don’t meet the definition of an official run, they are deemed an unofficial run. Unofficial runs are posted up on Facebook on an ad-hoc basis, anyone can organise an unofficial run.

Unofficial runs are viewed as meet ups between likeminded people, please feel free to arrange meet ups. Whilst this is a private run and not under the banner of Cani-Sports Edinburgh, to members of the public you are representatives of the sport and the club so please take cognisance of the rules and regulations and keep to the spirit of the club.

Welcome to Cani-Sports Edinburgh

Cani-Sports Edinburgh are a group of like minded friendly folk who like to get out and about with our dogs in and around Edinburgh and the Lothians. We have a variety of members who enjoy undertaking sports with our dogs from canicross, to bikejoring, to scootering to walking and hiking. (NB bikejoring and scootering are currently not permitted at official runs for insurance reasons.)  We welcome people of all capabilities and any breed of dog (provided they are fit and healthy).

Happy Cani-Sports!

Please scroll down for the latest club news…