Ruff Dugger and The Cani-Fit Experience

The weekends adventures were brought to you by Cani-Fit with the assistance of a whole load of mud, lots of giggles, smiley friendly people and happy and healthy dogs!

Day 1 – Ruff Dugger

By Sue Weeks and Rickyjim


Some of the Photos were kindly provided by Kenny Girvan

Some of the photos have been borrowed from CSE’s very own Liz Taylor; a key support crew member at all canicross races and one of our unsung heros!! (sorry Liz, I didn’t ask, please forgive me –  Ali)


Mud mud glorious mud nothing quite like it for cooling the blood ???   Well kinda sums up the first part of the course on Saturday at Boswells Coach House Auchinleck !!! 

I arrived at the venue in Benny Bongo with my pack of 6 dogs and anxiously waited for the fun to unfold over the weekend !!! Being a Campervan virgin !!!!!! I knew it could only be fun and even more fun ??  It was!!!

I went out looking for any of our group and managed to find Tina and Sergio and hairy dog !! I feel so bad cant remember your name …owner of the lovely hairy dog !!!!! Ruby GSD also arrived with Allison and Robin.There was still no sign of the Beagle brigade ..Wendy and Heather !!!!

I’d been told to bring Duck Tape and scissors with me to hold my trainers on !!!! Is it duck or duct tape I ask myself ???!!!!!   Never used it though !!!!! Maybe should’ve because the mud was up to your thighs !!! Honestly would I lie to you???

So all systems go and wee Rickyjim in his go fast orange harness and shoes tied on extra tight, we went to the start !!! RickyJim as usual hyper and barking frantically !!!!Off we shot across a field and then disaster happened ! My belt slipped down to my thighs and somebody shouted ………..You cant have lost so much weight ….youve only just started !!!!! Well pulled it up and ran on red faced but laughing !!!

Once into the wood , we hit the Mega Mud bath bit !!!! Oh boy was it deep ! People were floundering all around me ! Me too!!!! Rickyjim just tootled on top !!!! The more I laughed .the deeper i went in ! Heather and Wendy were ahead with their beagles and totally were in the thick of it !!Lots of super kind folk helped them I think!!

 Got through this Mud Bath only to be confronted with a muddy trench with steep sides ! No escape ! I ran through and wee Rickyjim ran on the side ! Smart dog ???


I remember a gorge we ran through and lots of tree trunks to negotiate ! The little legs of wee Rickyjim struggled @ times but he kept going !!!  

Lots of water to cross or carried across if you’re small like Ricky and rocky bits and the odd hill or 2 !!!!

 When we got to the finish we were awarded a prize for being a super Muddy pair !!!! I absolutely loved it and it was better than I expected it to be !!!! Not sure about wee Rickyjim !!!!!! Chips and cheesy chips and burgers went down really well afterwards !!!!! 

I’m certain I’ll be back for the next one with my wee friend Rickyjim ??

P.S  Forgot to say it’s a cold water hose pipe by the cow sheds for you to clean off the mud !!!! Rickyjim didn’t approve !!!! Baby wipes did come in very useful !!!!

Day 2 – Cani-Fit Experience

Ok, Sunday was the end of the first Scottish Canicross Championship Races !!!!! A big day for many as this was the last race in the championship series!! No pressure then ??!!!!

My lovely black greyhound Amelie and I had entered in the wee 3k race !!! It was Amelies first race and so we were both feeling scared !! I wondered if she would run or like @ Vogrie tootle along as if she had her high heels on !!!!


Before we ran, it was the turn of the bikes and scooters to go and the 5k race folk !!! I’m soooo impressed with the bikers and scooter folk !!! Crazy to attach yourself to these and then go through rivers ?? Many had fun coming off and getting wet but got up laughing ! One lady had designer mud spattered all over her face like freckles !!!

Serious running in the 5k………Michelle Littlejohn was excited to be running both her beagles !!! John had slept in his newly acquired van with Junior and appeared to be refreshed and raring to go ? All in all, all were up for it!!!!!! 

When our turn came Amelie set off with her high heels on and tootled !!!! She drank from every puddle and was generally very relaxed and calm !!! She loves water so crossing a wide river meant PLAYTIME !!! She goofed around in it and generally had a ball !!!! She did have a final sprint at the end cheered on by the people at the finish line ! Its all about fun they say and Amelie proved this to all !!!  

It was a treat to have burgers and chips and salad rolls again !!! Coffee went down well to!  Always a time to chat and see how everyone found their race and the course !The cold hose pipe was still by the cow shed if you needed a clean up !!!! I did the trainers only on this day having learnt from yesterday how cold the water was !!!! 

The prize giving was well worth the wait !! Wee silver cups were given out to the Champions and the Podium was well used ! Well done Team Red for collecting so many prizes ! I’m glad I stayed to see you all collect your cups and trophy pictures !!!! Brilliant !!! 

Surprise of the day was Amelie and me got a 3rd for Newcomers class !!! Bless her !!!! even if she did insist on tootling along with her heels on!!! What a Diva !!!

Journey home was the scenic route and rolling hills ! Exhausted all of us …….6 dogs and me slept oh so soundly after a good scrub in the shower !!!! Must do it all again soon ??? 

P.S  A big shout out to John who saved me when my Benny Bongos battery was flat !!! Luckily he had jump leads and got me up and running again !! Eternally grateful thanks !

Note from CSE committee, Sue Weeks joined us in September 2015 and since then she has added a ray of sunshine to the clubJ